Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mii and Wii



So today was a blast!! Went to psychology at 7am, then to the gym with Jenn & Joseph, then played Wii, then went to yoga. And am i tired!! But last night Brittany and I had to watch the kids and played Wii for the first time. so here are some Pictures.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PhoTo SHOot

Well Brittany and me were really bored and nothing to do, so we decided to do a photoshoot with the Pederson's new puppy, chief. LOL.


My first day of school my psychology teacher was giving his usual leture on welcoming the class to the new school year and what he expects us to do in his class. He goes off on a lot of tangents and this time he was telling the class about flashmobs. An example of a flashmob is when one person gets a group of people and dress in the target colors (red shirt with khaki pants). Then the group goes to target and spreads throughout the store, helping people or whatever. Then a horn blows or some kind of signal so that the group knows whether to freeze in place, or even just suddenly drop to the floor. If you would like to see other flashmobs that other people have done just go to

Though i have never done a flashmob, i think it would be hilarious to go into an elevator and see how many people conform to the way a person is facing. Like when you go into an elevator face opposite of the doors, and see how many people you can get to follow your position. what would be even more funny is if you kept moving facing different ways and if the other person in the elevator does follow. I have been wanting to try this for quite some time, expecially in a casino where people are drunk and you could probably get them to do whatever you want, like persuading them into giving you money. Whatever i think i am just bored and hope everone will look up flashmobs because they are SO FUNNY.

How many people conform with society today just to fit in? i have written papers upon papers on this subject and i have come to the conclusion that everyone wants to fit in the "norm" group. Doesn't everyone want to fit into society because they don't want to be labeled as "weird"? what do you think?

Monday, March 10, 2008

fUn IN tHe SUN!!!

Today Brittany and I went to the beach. We got soo burnt, but it was a beautiful day that we did not want ot miss. When we needed a rebust of EnerGY we reached over and ate a hand full of M&M's, LOL. It was fun. And i can't wait for another day like today because i love being out in the sun!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


well this is my second week of yoga and i am starting to like it!!! i feel soo much better afterwards! my favorite pose has got to be the child's pose and bali seal because they are the most comfortable positions to rest in. my least favorite poses are plank with hip extension and chaturanga; even though, they both work out my abs, they get harder to do. Yoga is very relaxing and that's why i love it soo much!!