Saturday, November 1, 2008


Another ART exam is coming, AGAin. ARCHITECTURE!

The Pont du Gard Roman Aque

Wright. Falling Water

Gehry. Guggenheim Museum Bibao

Smithson. Spiral Jetty

HAPPY HAlloween

So this weekend was so much fun! Tammy, Erik and the kids came down from Utah:) We all had a BIG family birthday for all the October-November Birthdays. Erik's birthday was on Thursday, Bailey's and my birthday is on Monday(3rd), and Jenn's birthday is on wednesday(5th). I had tons of Fun going trick or treating with the little kids because their costumes were soo cute! little Hunter was a Dog, Courtney was Ariel, Jonathan was Optimus Prime, Bailey & Wyatt were Donald and Daisey duck, and Joseph was a 70's guru. HAHA. Another week is soon approaching and reality is hitting me once again, time to go back to school.ugh.