Thursday, November 5, 2009


The hospital has been a lot of fun! Today I got to take part in a Code PINK drill, which means that a baby has been stolen. I was the thief that stole the baby (doll). The lady told me that i needed to walk in to the room where the doll was, put it into my purse, and leave. I was to keep walking until someone stopped me. I ALMOST made it out the hospital, until someone stopped me from O.R. I was soo close that I could see sunlight.

Next week I got the hook ups from L& D to watch a cesarean section!!! I would have been able to see one tonight, but I'm not working...

Yesterday I took my TEAS test for nursing and I don't know the results til Tuesday. I have to wait til January to see if I got in. *crossing my fingers* The hospital has gotten me sooo excited to start my career. Can't I just fast forward 2 years???

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


*Starting the best days of my life*
It's that time of year again. Bailey's and my BDAY!!Happy Birthday Bailey
*Bday breakfast at the best place in Corona. The Pancake house:)