Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let Me UpDAte Ya.

Court & Jigga @Halloween

New baby sista!#4 kid, 1 more to go Jenn...

Hilarious Crawfishin outfits!!

Ready to catch some Crawfish.

Dance on a plane

Beach Dayz

Dyed egggssss

Drive innn

Fell asleep watching Dora,lol, who wouldn't?!

Wy Dogg, he got it from his mama

Well school has been going well so far, but I still have more month of school!!!!!!SwEEt:) And taking breaks from studying keeps me motivated to chugg along. Going to the drive in to see "Ghost from Girlfriends Past", being a new Aunt (again), hanging with Tammy, Erik, and the kids, beach trips, and the occational DAnces! Dying eggs for Easter was AWESOME!!! I haven't dyed eggs in soo long that it brought back memories. Mother's day was way good (the food that is). Love holidays. haha. oh ya, a while back in March some ppl did a lil I've never done this before, but sounded like fun, so i had to try it!! it only took us 1 1/2 hours to find water, no crawfish to be found, but hey it was still fun:)