Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toco la guitara

Picked up the guitar today. I haven't played for almost a year. no bueno.

Glow Festival

Nikki, Chris, & I decided to go to Santa Monica. I've never been on the pier before and I was excited to see the ferris wheel. When we got their, we found out it was the glow festival!!! We came on the perfect day.

Santa Monica Pier
Cool music and idol guy
Sooo many ppl their
Dinner Bubba Gump
Waiting for dinner
Hush Puppies

Quick Service

Got our foood 5 sec. later
Fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail, coconut shrimp,....
Ciggs candy
Mint Ice Cream

"They swapped saliva..."

Ferris Wheel

Food Network competition truck 

Bubble Dance Party

This guy decided to pose for
Climbing the rope
We all made it to the top!!!!Muscles

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have a FAT AdDiCtion to PePsi.Thanx mom for bringing home soda.....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LA Fair

Court w. Sheep
Pirate Boat
Pirate 2
Jigga & Court running to the CAR Museum
$10 hot dog. Ate.It.All
Highest Swings I've ever seen.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

River Rats

We went to Laughlin last week to the river!!! We used to go once a month during summer, and now it dwindled down to once a year :(  It's always a blast when we go. 8 hours a day, cliff jumping, wakeboarding , tubing, gettin scars camping in a hotel (the way to go), go out to buffets and eating like it's our last meal, bowling. Wish we did this at least twice a year.

Swimming at the hotel.
Our hotel has a train that you can ride that goes around the entire hotel. pretty cool.
I had the ONLY MIGUELS in Nevada. I'm addicted.
Float & gettin tan.
Breakfast. chocolate muffins.
Saw some Quails.
Cute lil Beks
My dad thinks were still 7 and has to hold us so we will not float away.ha
Jigga & me.
I pinched my middle finger & it swelled up major. But I still decided to go wakeboarding and tubing. Resulting in pushing my blood to my other fingers. Play hard or stay home, right?


Court & me getting ready to get whipped around
Hunter & me
Numero uno. They had trouble getting me off. I'm that good.

Emma, Amy, & baby boy
Hannah lasted 5 seconds.

Numero dos. Justin was the second best. This is how far we fly when mi padre drives.

Practicing our game skills for down stairs.

This is just the dessert bar. The international buffet is 3 times this size. Best part of the trip.... FOOD
Feed Beks before she eats Hunter
Justin eats enough food for everyone So I'm willing to bet we all got our money worth.

River Set up
Court, Bek, Emma. Cousins. They are sooo cute together.
We need to find a new spot to set up. Their's starting to be too many people here.
Saw this sign on the river walk and I LOVE it!

Family bonding over bowling :) The kids are gunna be pros when they get older.
Riverwalk to Riverside Hotel to go Bowling :)
On our last night it decided to rain and get windy. Not fun, but when it died down Nikki and I walked back to our hotel room. We went through an adventure. The best part was getting stuck in front of a bus stop sitting area and getting wet by a truck and having the pond getting us wet. That was one of my fears. I thought that stuff only happened in the movies.