Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Don't Get It!!

WHY do people tell you that being different is a good thing? Standing out of the crowd makes you an individual because you are not doing what other people are doing. People that have their own style are saying "Hey, I am not doing what the other crowds are doing," but other people who think the person with his or her own style is weird try to help the person get back into the "norm" group.

I just don't get how people tell kids to have their own style to seperate them from the rest of the group, but then try to tear down that person's individualism by putting that person down for having a different style.

People who wear makeup enhance their beauty. Just because that person's eye shadow is dark doesn't mean that they are going gothic or are covering up how ugly they are. Yes, some guys like when girls wear different shades of eye shadow because the girl is a person who has her style.

People who don't have their style aren't individuals and follow the crowd. People rely on their brains while other people can rely on their looks. People who are smart and go through law school always think they know what's best for another person's future. I'm here to tell you people who are smart and go through law school have their right to their own opinion, but why can't they keep it to themselves?

I though while a person is young they are not suppose to fit into the "norm" groups, and it's okay to be considered weird or "peculiar". Why do people who have a differnet style get teared down by the people who can't keep their opinions to themselves?
People want to express their style even if other people don't agree with the style.(you wanted to know what i thought)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Week

So I am super excited for this week to be over because I can't wait for spring break in a week. This semester is going by kinda slow, I have to admit. Tammy is having her baby this month and I am really really excited to be able to spend time with the family in Utah in June!! What am I going to do for spring break? i wish the weather is nice enough to go to the beach. But I will probably spend some time with Brit before she has to go back to school in a week:( well I have to go study, study, study for my midterms this week.