Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yes I have been Laggin on this thing and i thought today it was time to update. In December Nikki graduated from Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school and I was one of her models for her graduation Hair Show. It was fun, a little nerve racking standing backstage waiting for the backstage person to PUSH you onto the stage. But overall it was a success; I didn't fall with the 3 inch heels I was walking in.LOL.

Fall semester ended in Deember I am soo relieved because I was taking 2 hard classes and 2 pretty easy classes, Anatomy/ Physiology, Chemistry, Art, and Speech. All stress is over and found out a few weeks ago I made the President's Honor List!! I have no clue how I got it, but I did.haha. I just hope I can stay on the President's Honor List during Spring semester because all my classes are going to be PRETTY DANG HARD!!! I'm planning on taking Anatomy/Physiology 2, Microbiology, Music, Nutrition, and statistics!! I'm not gunna have a life after winter semester. I'm only taking these classes all at once so I can graduate from college after summer!! which i'm really excited about!!I'll have 2 degrees, an A.S. degree and an A.A. degree. Then off to Nursing school I go :) (I'll be ready to finally apply)

This is week went by really fast. I'm doing winter semester and taking Political history and health science. On Wednesday I went to Redlands to the Lincoln Shrine Memorial building for an extra credit assignment in Political History. It was pretty cool to see all the historic objects they had there. Some stuff they had were surgerical instruments, rifles, hats, clothes, etc.

On thursday I got my wisdom teeth pulled out and have been sleeping ever since (it seems like). Can you say Chubby Bunny. lol.